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Charles Clark

Guide To Thrive

Guide To Thrive

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Charles had everything he could have dreamed. He was on his way to becoming an internationally recognized star in the world of Track and Field, with a life-changing shoe deal in the works. 

At the age of 22, his world, hopes, and dreams came crashing down. The excruciating pain radiating from his right quad muscle was rooted in more than his physical body. 

The devastating, career-ending injury sent Charles into a downward spiral, leading to a failed relationship, financial instability, and a cycle of depression.

Knowing that he could only rely on himself to climb out of this pit of despair, he asked an important question: "What do I need to do to fix this?" Although simple, the answer "Be Successful" became the foundation on which he has rebuilt his life, career, and business.

As he mulled over this word "success," he was struck by its correlation to another word—thrive! The idea of thriving gave Charles a plan, a consciousness, a passion—a new life! He discovered he had control despite the circumstances denying him peace. Once he learned that he could work on himself, he realized he could fulfill his desires and "be successful," as he defined it.

In Guide to Thrive, Charles shares the 7 Rules to Create a Thriving Life he used to forge a path to becoming a world-class athlete, creating a non-profit foundation, hosting leadership trainings and retreats, speaking to Fortune 500 companies, and, most importantly, overcoming depression to live a thriving life. Charles will guide you to live with intention, laying the foundation of a thriving life where you can inspire and influence others.

Charles Clark is a motivational speaker, author, and mindset and mental health expert. He will take you through the process he has used with himself and hundreds of thousands of others to step into the best version of yourself.

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